How much is the access fee for the globalwiduspool? And how can I make a payment?

The access voucher price varies depending on the access period: 1 day, 1 month and 1 year access vouchers available for the company lookup.


The user can check the voucher price on My Page section. The company investigation fee is $250.

You can select the payment method either credit card or bank transfer.

Is it possible to make a refund on the purchased report/voucher/company investigation?

If you proceed to search companies and/or download reports after purchasing a voucher, a refund is not possible.


If you already used the voucher, the voucher cannot be refunded.

Please read the terms and conditions for more information. 


A refund is not possible for a report that has already been purchased.

For the company investigation, however, it is possible to make a refund before we, eCredible, check the company investigation information.

After the investigation starts, you cannot be refunded.

This is the first time visiting globalwiduspool. How do I use this website?

globalwiduspool has two different user categories: individual and corporate.

Individual users can login to the system as soon as the ID’s are made and the users can purchase the vouchers in order to use the website.

Corporate users need to complete the verification process for the account activation which takes around 1~3 days.


Website inquiries

Simon Maeng, Brian Shim | Assistant Managers

Tel. 82-2-2101-9270 / Fax. 82-2-6969-5275 /

Samsung IT Valley 8F, Guro-Dong 197-5, Guro-Gu, Seoul 152-848, Korea  

How is the company information gathered?

The registered information of your company is based on the credit evaluation report processed by eCredible.

I forgot my ID and/or password

You can find your ID and/or password by going to the “Have you forgotten your Email/password?“ section on the right side of the login page. 


Click on either the “Individual member Searching Email/password” button or the “Corporate member Searching Email/password” button, and enter the relevant information that you used when first signed up to find your ID and/or password.

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