Terms and Conditions for Using the Service
Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out matters concerning the use of the overseas subcontractor registration and management system provided by eCredible Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “eCredible”).

Article 2 (Definitions)

As used herein, the terms in the following shall have the following meaning:
① “Content” refers to the analysis report provided by eCredible concerning a subcontractor.
② “The subcontractor management system (hereinafter “ESRM”) refers to a web-based supporting system for credit monitoring/managing/evaluation based on the Content provided by a subcontractor.
③ A “service-using business” refers to those that have registered information of their company and the employee in charge on the ESRM and those using Content in management and evaluation of subcontractors.
④ “Evaluation agencies” refer to those in many countries to which we entrust collection of information on subcontractors, analysis of thus collected information, and provision of reports at the request of service-using businesses.

Article 3 (Content)

① Content is composed of XML document that includes analysis information/business information and other contained information and public key infrastructure (PKI) for encoding and validity verification.
② The XML document stated in the foregoing ① shall be composed by entrusting eCredible and an overseas evaluating agency.
③ eCredible shall develop and provide Content storage system for subcontractors.
④ eCredible shall provide “watch” information obtained from overseas evaluating/information agencies through the monitoring system in addition to Content.
⑤ Validity of each Content shall be verified through eCredible’s server when inquiring about Content of subcontractors registered.
⑥ eCredible may scrap existing Content, stating the reason, about the following: businesses associated with information on their poor financial status, businesses who current deposit transactions have been stopped, businesses whose validity period has expired, and businesses whose Content has been renewed and issued within validity period.

Article 4 (The subcontractor management system)

eCredible shall configure its subcontractor management system as follows so that service-using businesses may engage in credit monitoring, management, and evaluation about the subcontractor that has submitted the Content.
① Each Content-related information management system
② Monitoring system
③ Other ancillary service

Article 5 (Rejection of Application for Using ESRM)

Where one of the following is the case, eCredible may reject a service-using business’s application for the ESRM.

① eCredible’s relevant facility capacity is not enough
② Technical problems related to accepting the application
③ False information included in the application
④ Application submitted to disturb social order or established social morals or good customs
⑤ There being another reason for eCredible’s inability to accept the application

Article 6 (Use of ESRM)

① A service-using business shall use the ESRM only for its internal purpose.
② The request for subcontractors-related Content shall be made directly by a service-using business.
③ All eCredible’s services provided through the ESRM shall be those provided for a service-using business’s decision-making, and eCredible shall not be responsible for any decisions made by a service-using business concerning the ESRM.
④ The ESRM shall be upgraded consistently through internet to provide more adequate services to service-using businesses.

Article 7 (Service Stoppage)

① If one of the following is the case, eCredible may stop the ESRM service partly or wholly.
    a. Unavoidable repair of the service facility
    b. Stoppage of relevant service by a common telecommunications business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act
    c. Difficulty or impossibility of providing continuous service due to strike in or bankruptcy of eCredible
② eCredible may stop providing part/whole of the service temporarily or permanently where there has occurred a situation beyond eCredible’s reasonable control such as national emergency, acts of God, power failure, trouble in service facility or overload in service demands.

Article 8 (Information Protection and Management)

① Materials or information submitted by a service-using business’s subcontractors for issuance of each Content shall be managed and protected under the Credit Information Use and Protection Act.
② Title to all Content issued for subcontractors shall revert to the subcontractors. Submittal of Content to another business and safekeeping of it shall all be done under subcontractors’ responsibility, and eCredible shall not be responsible for subcontractors’ leakage of information to a third party due to intentional acts or gross negligence.
③ In using the ESRM, a service-using business shall not disclose the Content of materials submitted by its subcontractors or other information obtained by it through this system to a third party. A service-using business shall be solely responsible for its violation of the foregoing sentence under the Civil Act or the Criminal Act.

Article 9 (Indemnity)

① eCredible shall not be responsible for the inability of provision of services stated in Article 7 hereof due to a reason stated in Article 7 hereof or slight negligence.
② eCredible shall not be responsible for interruption in services caused by a reason attributable to a service-using business.

(Date of Implementation)            These Terms and Conditions shall be implemented on September 1, 2010.
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